SAASPC supports and assists parents in preschools and schools

SAASPC is a state-wide association of clubs, committees and groups of parents interested in students and their preschools and schools:


  • a forum for parents to exchange ideas and raise concerns
  • representative of, and committed to, parents of students in both metropolitan and country preschools and schools
  • run entirely by volunteers
  • a non-sectarian and non-party political organisation
  • a pressure group at national, state and area levels of education

SAASPC supports and assists parents in preschools and schools by:


  • providing information on club organisation and meeting procedure
  • providing information on regulations, policies and programs of the SA Department for Education organising conferences and information sessions
  • encouraging parents to become involved and participate as a partner in their children's school and preschool.

Annual Conference

Each year the conference is held (in August or September) on a theme which will interest parents.

Quarterly Magazine

Parents Say ....

(published four times a year) is sent free to all  preschools and schools.

SAASPC  GPO Box 2126 Adelaide SA 5001


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Promoting parent participation in government preschools and schools